Siddhant Public School Lucknow

Siddhant Public Senior Secondary School

Under the full guidance of Hon. Sri S.P. Singh M.L.C. & Founder Manager, Lucknow Public School/College.



With a goal to impart ideal education to the largest foundation of SIDDHANT PUBLIC SCHOOL was laid in year 2003. The school started its first annual session in year 2004. The School has been affiliated to Delhi Board since April 2011 and the school upgraded and now it is named as SIDDHANT PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL. The goal of this institution is not only to provide a high education standard but also help in all round personality development of the Child. Merle of irvistni smil smoratts vislunar behagio

ameSince habits are formed during the primary stage of the child education, the school attaches great importance to moral education and character building. These moral lessons help children’s, in growing strong, intellectually, morally and spiritually. In short, the school aims to tumout smart young boys and girls with a sense of responsibility and high ideals.

The school functions under a registered society with imminent and renewed members from all works of life such as education, administration, social workers etc. mesa


A- Medium of Instruction-English.

B- Courses of Study:-

1- Pre primary to Class XII as per U.P. Board syllabus.

(English, Hindi, Maths, Social Science, Science, Sanskrit, Computer, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Moral Science.


(a) Sanskrit Education starts from class I onwards.
(b) Computer or Information Technology begins from class I onwards.
(c) Social Science is an integrated course of History, Geography, Civics, Economics.

Examination and Promotion:-

Exams and unit tests are organised regularly after some time interval to check student’s overall performance. Promotion is given on the basis of aggregate performance of the whole year according to the following norms-

Quarterly Examination- 25%
Half Yearly Examination- 25%
Annual Examination- 50%


(i) Regular test or surprise tests are organized to see the progress of students..
(ii) Results once declared will be final. No alteration in any case except calculation mistakes will be considered.
(iii) Students found absent will not be re-examined.

Co-curricular activities

(A) Kindergarten Activities for all the seasons:-

We have designed kindergarten their annual activities according to the practical availability of material and the requirements of the environment. Like wise their full course is divided into a seasonal syllabus i.e.


Summer Season:-

1- Water Garnes.
2- Paper mash Craft work


Rainy Season:-

1- Floating paper boats.
2- Watching clouds


Winter Season:-

1- Sunday Picnic.
2- Puppet Shows

December - January

Autumn Season:-

1-Christmas songs.
2-Republic Day Celebrations


Winter Season:-

1. College Painting.
2- Garden Picnic

(B) Cultural Activities-


1- Regular training for developing talents in public speaking, singing, dancing, and drawing is imparted by teachers.
2- Inter Class Competitions are organized in Essay Writing, Vocabulary competence.
3- Quizes on various subjects such as Science, Maths, G.K. are organized.
4- School participates in various competitions organized by the Govt. On Independence and Republic Day.
5- Days evaluated to leaders, poets and scientists are enthusiastically organized every year.
6- Developing the art of meditation from the very beginning so that students com concentrate in their studies properly.

Rules and regulations

(A) Admission:-

(1) Admission will start in the month of January for Pre-Primary Classes.

(2) Other classes admissions starts in the month of March.


(i) Apply for admission on the prescribed form costing Rs. 100/-
(ii) Paste 2 latest passport size photo on the form.
(iii) Transfer certificate is required for proof of date of birth.
(iv) No alteration in the age entry of the scholar is allowed in institutions records.

(B) Attendance:-

1- Student should be regular and punctual.
2- Latecomers or regular absentees are not allowed to attend school without principal's written permission.
3- Medical certificate, in case of illness should be attached with leave application.
(iv) No alteration in the age entry of the scholar is allowed in institutions records.

(C) Withdrawals:-

1- A student may apply for a Transfer Certificate on payment of a fee of Rs. 50.00
2- T.C. will be issued after the student has paid all dues of the school.

(D) Fees and Fines:-

1- All school dues are payable from the 1st to the 10th of the month, failing will be charged fine @ of Rs. 10.00 per day.
2- If the fees are not cleared the last working day of the month the name of the defaulter will be struck off the rolls thereafter the name may be restored on payment of Rs. 500/- as readmission fee.
3- Parents should keep the fee receipt issued to them as proof of the payment if required.
4- If a child is withdrawn in the mid session six months fees will be charged.



Nu. to K.G.

I to III

IV to V

VI to X






Computer Fee










Admission Exp. 500

Annual Fees 500

Magazine Fees 100

Conveyance will be charged area vise decided by the school from time to time.

(E) Rickshaw Rules:-

1- Rickshaw fees is payable for 12 months.
2- Rickshaw can be discontinued after payment of the Rickshaw fees upto end of the term.
3- In case the School Rickshaw does not reach in time due to mechanical break down or due to the illness of the puller, the guardians are requested to make their own alternative arrangement.

(F) General Rules and Regulation:-

1- Students are not permitted to misbehave or use abusive language in the school premises. They must be well behaved the all times.
2- No student suffering from a contagious disease shall be allowed in the school until he/she gets a doctored fitness certificate.
3- Any verbal requests through servants to allow children to go home before the school timing shall not be compiled with.
4- Articles found in the school premises are to be handed over in the principals office.
5- Fines may be imposed by the principal for damage to the school property.

(F) Parent-Teacher Meeting:-

Regular Parent-Teacher meeting are conducted once in a month for co-ordination between the parents and teachers.

School uniform



Red Check Shirt with tie collar, Steel Gray Shorts/ Trousers, Black shoes with laces, school Belt, Badge Gray Socks.


White Shirt with tie Collar, White Short/Trousers, White Shoes with laces, White Socks.


Red Check Shirt with tie collar, Gray Skirt, Black shoes with laces, school Belt, Badge Gray Socks.


P.T.-1 White Shirt with tie Collar, White Shirt, White Shoes with laces, White Socks.



Navy Blue Blazer (Optional), Red Check Shirt, Pullover (Navy Blue), with V-shaped neck, Gray Trousers, white socks, school Belt.


Navy Blue Blazer (Optional), Red Chick Shirt/Blouse, Pullover (Gray, 'V' shaped neck, without collar and buttons), white socks, Gray Skirt, Black Shoes (with laces), school Belt, Red Ribbon.


P.T. Uniform is on Wednesday and Saturday Only.


The Managing body of the school reserves the right to wave any of the rules obtained in the prospectus without assigning any reason.The interpretation of any amendment of the prospectus rests solely and entirely with managing body of the school. Its interpretation shall be final and binding on parents/guardians and students of this institution.

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